More Ideas/Suggestions/Planning

Ok, here are some random thoughts of mine lately; sort of a list of things we could do/should do to make the story, more complete. Some things to think about for all of us, I suppose.

  • We probably need to work on Geography more. So far, we only have Ibera, Handrin, Handrin's capital, Deramas (?--not sure if that's spelled correctly off the top of my head), and the Blue River. From my reckoning, isn't Ibera to the North and Handrin to the South? Or is it the opposite...? Or am I way off....? We should all probably work on this together--geography, as well as history, is a broad subject to cover.
  • Maybe we should make a timeline? One that is detailed enough, though not too detailed so we have room to wiggle in and come up with new ideas and sorts. Just a somewhat general one that will keep us all on track and pointing in the same direction.

And a few questions I had myself:

  • Our original plan was for Nellie, Katrina, and the other women to go to court as maids or something. Is that still what we are planning?
  • How soon should this "first battle" where Luke/Lewis/Mr. Elliot fight take place? Have we decided who was going to attack who?

I had other questions on my mind, but now it has gone blank! ;) Anyways, that's the jist of it, even though I have other things to add to it that seem "on the edge of my tongue" so to speak.

The End

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