Dotty's ideas for Alexandra

OK so my first chapter here.  Not very used to this style of planning but hopefully I'll be able to get my ideas out in a way that everyone will understand!

So Alex has just found out about what we are calling Black Powder (although she doesn't know that's what it's called, or even that much about it yet).  What I was thinking for her (and possibly Eliza, I need writinc's thoughts on it) next was a failed attempt to find her way back to where she heard the two men talking, followed by some observation work in the palace to try and find out who they are.  This could be successful or not, that is up for discussion.

I was thinking that my mystery man (I haven't got a name for him yet) could be a sympathiser to Iberia, but he's a high profile person, either in the royal house or in the government (maybe not as he is only 25 by Alexandra's estimation) he can't express his views openly (yes I know this has been mentioned before, I'm just using the idea).  I was thinking he could find out that Alexandra is a spy (in fact I already have a scene planned out in my head for how it could happen) and do nothing about it, or even slip some information to Alexandra (in a coded manner of course) about where there are going to be attacks and when.

I don't think he should know about the Black Powder or that would be just too easy.  Or maybe he does but still feels some loyalty to his country so is torn, wanting to help Alexandra and Iberia, but not wanting to destroy his homeland.

I think there should be someone else at court (someone we don't already know) who knows about Alexandra and Eliza but for some reason isn't telling the Handrian authorities.  I was going to introduce this element of darkness in my next chapter but I can always change it if you don't like it.  Or maybe it's just Alexandra's nerves and paranoia about being caught that makes her think someone knows and is following her?

Ummm... I think that's all I've got to say for now, except to ask your permission for a complicated and torn romance between Alexandra and my unnamed male character.  I know it would be very Romeo and Juliet cliche which is why I wanted to ask you first.  If you think it would take away from the main storyline then that is fine, but I am a sucker for writing romance and if you don't ask, you definitely won't get!

So any thoughts on that?

The End

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