Jumping to the End

Okay, I think it is time to start thinking about how we are going to end this thing ... but, don't worry. That is still many chapters away. We are about to reach 60 chapters, and I think a good length could be closer to 150 to 200. It just depends on how well we develop certain ideas. And, keep the story moving slowly ... otherwise we will jump too much.

What we do inbetween is still up for grabs as far as I am concerned, but I have an idea for the very ending, the very last chapters. I think that Jon should be thought dead, killed by a black powder explosion. He, of course, isn't dead. He comes back in the sequel.  ... Stop laughing! ... I'm not kidding. LOL

Katrina can find out she is pregnant. The strict Christain in me says we need to find a lull period where they can get married. A battlefield wedding, you could say. They realize that they love each other and neither one of them feels like they can go on without being married. Kind of what happened during WW2. Soldiers got married the day or week before being shipped out just in case they were to die in battle.

After all, it would make sense to this time period. Morals were a lot more strict than they are today. Plus, I don't think I could write about premarital sex and hold a good conscience. (By the way, I told my mom about Masquerade!)

Whether we kill Mr. Elliot or not ... don't know. Jon could "give his life," saving Mr. Elliot and several others. Perhaps we can kill off several minor characters ... if we feel the need for dramatic bloodshed. As far as the war goes, I wouldn't end it in this story. I would tell the ending of the war in the sequel ... or maybe in the end of the Trilogy (as I laugh my most evil laugh). You think I'm kiding? Not a bit!

Now, let me back track a little bit. I thought of this ending because I want there to be a sequel, but there's more to it than that.

I think this story is publishable!

Okay ... loweirng my expectations ... I think that we could make some money off this, not necessarily getting on the best seller's list, though.

But, for real, I think this story is worthy to go beyond Protag. I'm not interested in making money off this (of course I would take it if it was there), but making a little money and giving it back to Protag. I would love to donate, but money is tight. I might still donate in the future, but for now, I would be willing to write a story, sell it and give the profits back to make Protag even better.

We could sell the final story for a few bucks or up to about $10 on LULU.com, just depends on how good it is. With the proper cheap marketing, we could turn a pretty penny. Don't expect a lot of money, though.

Where the idea of a sequel came into all of this is that I would recommend ending this story with the above cliff hanger, maybe even going so far as jumping five years or so into the future when the sequel would take place, writing the Epilog of Masquerade, which would end up being the Prolog for the untitled sequel. Whew! That was a long sentence.

Now, for this idea to work, there would need to be some major editing. I would handle most of it, grammar mostly. There may need to be a few details added. Maybe a chapter here or there to clear up holes. But, I think this story is worth it. I want to see it go all the way.

Who's with me?

The End

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