Luke/Lewis Ideas Part One

marcuslee mentioned something of having to create a greater purpose for Luke Elliot and Lewis Evans. Upon thinking of this, I came up with a possibility. (Feel free to change, advance it further, or completely ditch this idea!)

Here's how the events would play out (in my view) to make possibly the most sense:

  • Fight in a battle. Well, I don't think they should get out of this one. Not only would it be a good experience to write about for them, but also I think it is something we cannot avoid--the true experience of war. (Of course, this may take a little pre-preparation on the girls' parts; as the girls at court could hear of the plan of an attack. Or, rather, the Iberan force could make an attack. That would require no preparation on the girls' part, as it is a surprise attack and the Handrin court has no knoweldge of it)
  • Possibly learn somehow of how the girls are spying (???) I was thinking that Frederick could contact Luke and his father (the Elliots), and through him they could learn of Katrina (and thus the other girls') being a spy. At hearing this, Luke could wish to go after her and Lewis comes along (???)---this were it sort of gets hazy for me. They could do it AS spies with the assistance of Frederick and the network of spies (thus becoming sort of spies themselves) or they could almost do it against the will of everyone, and become "run-aways". Option (1 would be less dramatic. Option (2 would leave them wandering through Handrin without any real direction and in more danger, while making them something of "criminals" on the Iberan side as well (running-away was punished, during the American Revolution, by 50 lashes or worse) 
  • And so the end result would be that they would be in Handrin on almost their own separate adventures. Though we did create them to see the the "Home Team" POV, and someone for the character of Jon Hanway to bounce off of when he returns (will he return?). This whole idea that I have laid out above could be totally thrown out for that purpose. But it was mentioned that they do need a purpose and this was the first (and only) thing I came up with.

 In all this, we can't forget Mr. Elliot. I am unsure of what to do with him. I don't think of him going along on this "journey", if they do. I don't know if killing him off would be an option......I really don't know. Also (I am guessing that this is more of a note to myself...), a note needs to be made that Katrina probably needs to find out that Ed has died somehow. That was my original plan, but would it fit in now?

The End

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