History of the World - Part 1

Yeah, I know the title is a cheesy reference to Mel Brooks. Oh well ;+)

This is in reply to GodZillaGirl's thoughts on the background for the war. Very well thought out, by the way. The options were laid out in a very easy to understand way. Here's my version. We can, of course, alter it as the rest of you see fit.

There are a couple of references in the story to my knowledge about the background of the two nations. One was in one of my chapters. It basically stated that the people use to be of the same nation or tribe. They speak the same language. Then, from the fact that the North has a king and a queen, made me think that the South does not, perhaps another form of government. We don't have to go in the direction of democracy simply because that's what happened in our history (real life). We can either create our own version of democracy or describe something completely different.

As for the reason the two nations split up in the first place, I would think the same reason why USA separated from England in real life, some sort of war of independance. It could even be connected with trade and taxes. Maybe that's why they are at war now. Perhaps the North is preventing trade with other nations, and the South just wants to be free.

The introduction to the story, the little blurb that would normally appear on the jacket of a novel, makes reference to the fact that other nations are ready to join the fight, possibly starting a world war. Perhaps this demonstrates two opinions in the world. Some people want free trade, others want an old feudal system of lords and servants.

Personally I wouldn't make religion a cause for the war. We can make reference to it, and we already have a little. Eliza's alias is St James, so there must have been a James important to the religion of at least the North, maybe even the south if they didn't create a new religion for themselves.

What do you all think?

The End

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