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Alrighty, here is my much awaited plot idea page! ;)

How shall I begin?

I'm just going to go for it. At the moment, I have been pondering something of the "backround information" of Masquerade. Reading through it, I have realized there is hardly any for the war itself, which leaves something "wanting". (my fault, I believe). All we know is that Ibera (home country from which our characters originate) and Handrin are in the midst of war. I think that this should be developed further, as it will not only deepen our story, but perhaps give us more ideas for "missions" for them.

So, why are they in war?

There could be a couple options, I suppose, open to discussion. Here is what came to the top of my head at this first thought....


 Of course, this is one of the main initiatives of war, and probably the parent and root of the other options. The quesiton is, what sort of power? Who exactly wants power? What lead to this main shift to war?

 (b--Oppression, ie, rebellion

 War is caused between the oppressed, and the oppressors. Yet I believe that, whatever roles the countries perspectively play, that would have been mentioned much earlier. And they are two separate countries, how would one country oppress another?


 From the history I have read, many religious wars are branches of the first two options. Either they use religion as a tool to oppress other peoples or "make war" (war in the name of religion) or the  oppressed formenting rebellion after being oppressed by another religious sect. Like (b, though, I think this would've been mentioned as a large motive at the beginning and throughout the story. If this option WAS chosen, we would also have to work to create differing religions (thus, gods, goddesses, and even the "stories" to go with them).

(d--Some sort of long-standing rift between the two nations that have lead them into war.

This could most likely descend from any or all of the above. They could have a certain "past history"; one country formally could have been oppressed by another, they could've fought wars in the past, ect, ect, ect. This one appeals MOST to me, though perhaps we would have to create a little backround "history" and add some references in their dialouge/thoughts of this certain aborrance of one another.

I may be making something out of nothing, but if we develop the history/backround info on this war, we may find something more to "spy on" and really giving us a true "reason".

I do not really consider the above all of my "plot ideas". But I will post this now, and add more in a bit.... :)


The End

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