Mark's Plot Ideas

Here is an example of what one of our un-official plot chapters can look like. Here I will blab about the plot, where I think it might be going. If I have an idea for the future plot, you can find it here ... so you can decide if you will incorporate some of the details into your chapters.


Jon, Katrina, Nellie, and the rest of the traveling spies take care of the village, rescuing the traitor in the jail and maybe doing som espionage, learning some secrets about whatever ...

And, Jon's cover as a spy/agent from the north will need to be kept intact ... so I see the girls doing the rescuing ... maybe.

Oh, and what happened with the guide that was suppose to arrive the next morning? Is he a good guy, bad guy? Has he been captured or delayed for some reason? Maybe this can be part of what is discovered in the village.

Before they get to the village, though, it might be nice to organize themselves, finding food and shelter for their clandestine activities ... since the safe house is no more.

I don't see Jon coming back to the court or town until at least the village episode is a little further along, at least until the traitor in the jail is 'let go.' Then, he might have a reason to head north again.


As far as Lewis and Luke (did we try for alteration? LOL), I think since they are in the same army group, it would be nice if they met each other and got to know each other a bit. After that, we can think of some purpose for them.

As for the rest of the characters (the ones in Court), my guess would be to continue to establish yourselves in the court. Meet and greet. Get to know people. Discover who might be trusted, who to avoid. Obviously, there are some 'friendlies' that might befriend our little masquerade.

And, I was thinking ... maybe even the queen or some other higher ups. If we make the queen a friendly to the south, though, I would say the king is not.

I've thought of a major secret that the masquerade could work toward uncovering, a secret large enough that it could be the main focus of the rest of the story in one fashion or another.

A secret weapon that the country of the North (can't remember which is which with the countries right now ... which means we need a glossary chapter ... he he), a weapon they have discovered. That would be the first thing the girl(s) would uncover and maybe even that takes a while.

Here's a list detailing the possible discoveries with this secret weapon (perhaps even in this general order):

  • powder the color of charcoal
  • burns very fast
  • explodes when lit inside a container
  • the more powder, the bigger the explosion
  • a small amount can be attached to an arrow, creating an exploding arrow (if fired correctly, of course)
  • ETC ...

Obviously, I am talking about Black Powder, otherwise known as Gun Powder. I would suggest though, that if we choose this , we don't introduce guns, because in real life it took a while from the discovery of black powder to the time of the first musket.

Maybe ... to give the girls a noble purpose if you will ... part of their plan could be to keep the existence of this powder a secret because it is too powerful for any one nation to have.

What do you think?

You can let everyone know by writing down some ideas for the plot in your own 'Plot Ideas' chapter. Maybe you can think of something I haven't thought of ... which will only make me think of other things. It's a never ending circle! LOL

The End

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