The Official Character List

Here is where the characters of the story will be listed, the ones we are writing for and the secondary characters ... basically anyone who is mentioned in the story. Some will have longer bios, others just mentioned so we don't forget them.


Here are the minor characters. They are listed in alphabetical order by either their first name or their title.

  1. Angel Hurst - The man Alexandra danced with
  2. Annabelle Larding--Ed's fiancee
  3. Benjamin--Nellie's brother
  4. Brother Peter--priest of the village church who Alexandra consults to help her mother
  5. Don McFay--Nellie's father
  6. Edgar "Ed"--Katrina's oldest brother
  7. Fram--a spy-woman, captured in the barn fire, mother of the child who Nellie and Katrina helped to save (that child did not have a name, from what I saw....)
  8. Frederick--another spy
  9. Gerald Elliot --Katrina's father
  10. Gertrude--a spy-woman
  11. Helen--Eliza's "housekeeper" when she stays just outside Deramas*
  12. Imara--Acts as Alexandra's handmaid; spy
  13. Jacob--Katrina's youngest brother
  14. James Newberry--a court man Eliza danced with
  15. Lard--a man who bunks w/ Luke and Mr. Elliot
  16. Lieutenant Macabee--A leading soldier on the battlefield, who Jon talks to.
  17. Marianne--another spy-woman
  18. Maria Elliot--Katrina's mother
  19. Marty Gilheim --the sherriff of a small village in Handrin
  20. Mary Gilheim--a villiage woman, somehow related to the sherriff
  21. Mrs. McFay (her name, or even this name, was not mentioned, but presumed)--Nellie's mother
  22. Moria--Eliza's handmaid
  23. Rebecca Mays--a court lady Eliza meets
  24. Sebastian--Alexandra's brother; battle-line ambassador
  25. Sir Frances (has yet to appear in story, but was mentioned)--Eliza's father

Here are the main characters reproduced from the official author's guidance, though I am not sure if we need them listed here. Oh well. Already done! LOL

Katrina Elliot
Age: 18
Appearance: Dark brown wavy hair and green hazel eyes. Simple, gracefully built-features. 

Jon Hanway
Age: 19
Appearance: Dark brown hair and brown eyes
Other: Works as a courier for the Iberan army.
Alias: Jon Tilman

Nellie McFay
Age: 17
Appearance: Long straight red hair that looks rather nice when not it's not in its usual tangle. Emerald eyes that usually show a strong determination. Generally an average height, not too short or tall.

Eliza Frances
Age: 18
Appearance: Short and petite, with long black hair and blue eyes.
Alias: Olivia St James  ........    writinic

Alexandra Ford
Age: 18
Appearance: Tall, long, light blonde hair, deep blue eyes. Has delicate, elfin-like features. 

Lewis Evans
Age: 19
Appearance: nicely-kept blonde hair, stormy blue eyes, and a tall stature.
Other: has been recently drafted from his luxiourious home to the nighmarish war

Luke Elliot
Age: 16
Appearance: Lanky yet athletic, with dark, dirty blonde hair and dark green eyes.
Other: Katrina's brother, drafted for the war


The End

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