The Official Plot

Here is the official plot chapter. When it is up-to-date, you will be able to check up on any part of the story ... in case you forgot where the story has gone.



 Nellie: Stumped

Nellie remembers saying goodbye to her mother. Nellie wonders how they will get out of the spy business.

 Alexandra: Seperation

Jon introduces Imara to Alexandra. Imara will be serving as Alexandra's maid. Jon gives intructions to the two parting groups.

 Eliza: Arrival

After Alexandra (and Imara) leave, Eliza and Moira are escorted by the guide (Frederick) to their butler, who will then escort them to their residence in town.

 Katrina: Seperate Ways

The guide (Frederick) gives Katrina and Nellie a horse to ride to the safe house. He is following on foot, to arrive in the morning. The girls must get there before morning light.

Going around the village to avoid morning light, the girls arrive at a barn where an older woman greets them, setting them up in the attic with a little nonfancy supper.

 Nellie: The Adventure Begins

We learn their nonfancy supper was cold stew.

Katrina wakes Nellie, telling her the barn is on fire. Nellie resques a little girl's doll. Katrina scoops up the little girl. Nellie realizes that someone knows they are there.

 Alexandra: Royal Palace

Jon puts the final touches on Alexandra, fixing her hair for the court. They enter the town of Deramas. Alexandra remembers her background story. 

She notices that the town doesn't look like it is at war. She is introduced to the king and queen. The queen is beautiful and the king looks tired.

 Eliza: Arrival in town

Eliza and Moira arrive at the town house. They unpack their things, which include some parchment, invisible ink (and normal ink). Jon is suppose to deliver pigeons later.

 Katrina: Running

While running away from the burning barn, the group of spies is attacked by archers and men on horseback. Katrina is shot in the shoulder with an arrow. Nellie yanks out the arrow.

They wake the next morning, realizing they are lost.

 Luke Elliot

Luke is serving as a lineman in the army which has stopped in a swampy area. Many are getting sick. Luke recieves a letter from his mother, telling him that Ed has died.

 Nellie/Lewis: Toughing it out

Nellie wants to get going. Katrina tells her that she doesn't always have to think of other people.

Lewis is having a tough time in the army. He isn't use to this lifestyle. He is with the same group as Luke, but he receives no letter when mail comes.

 Eliza: Watchful eyes

Eliza is taken under the wing of Rebecca Mays who introduces her to Alexandra. Eliza dances with James Newberry, who is suppose to be hunting for a wife.

Eliza and Alexandra are worried about the rest of their group (Katrina and Nellie). Both of them are also being watched, Eliza by a particular servant.

 Jon: In the Village

Jon learns that a traitor has been caught, and the safe house burned down. Jon learns from the 'traitor,' a northern spy, that the rest of the spies fled into the forest toward the Blue River, among them the traitor's daughter.

He promises to return.

 Katrina: Lost and Found

The group of spies travels along the Blue River. The older women scold the children for playing in the river. Startled by a noise, Jon finds them.

 Jon: At the Blue River

Jon finds Katrina (and the rest of the running spies) at the Blue River. He worries about whom he can trust in this foreign land.

Nellie -- Back to Business

While traveling back to the village, the group of wandering spies discusses where to hide since the safe house burned down. They decide to have Gertrude's brother help them again. He has a shop with a basement.

Outside the Sheriff's office, Jon, Katrina & Nellie get ready to spring the prisoner.

 Eliza -- Learning court gossip

While at a party hosted by Rebecca, Eliza learns that the north have an advantage in the war.

Alexandra -- Whispers

Alex overhears a conversation where two men are talking about the next secret weapon.

Lewis -- New Aquanintance

Lewis meets Mr. Elliot.

Katrina -- A Mission

Katrina and Nellie rescue Fram from the jail. Katrina knocks out Marty.

James Newberry - Unorthodox Behavior

An interchange between James and Olivia (Eliza) at a court dance.

Luke Elliot -- Lewis Evans

Luke wonders about Katrina and Jon, realizing that they seemed to have disappeared at the same time. He meets Lewis who joins their tent.

Alexandra -- The Most Beautiful Woman

Alex dances with a man of the court. She calls Eliza by her real name in front of James.

Eliza -- Did he notice?

Eliza scolds Alex for calling her by her real name. They both hope James didn't hear. They talk of the secret weapon.

Jon -- Betrayed by a Smile

Jon is unable to keep Marty away forever, betrayed by a slight grin. Jon kills Marty.

Alesandra -- Shadows

Alex gets the idea that she is being followed when she gets back to the palace from the party at Rebecca's.

Katrina -- Necessary Evil

Katrina and the girls are bothered by Marty's death. They make their way to the new safehouse, a barn in the village.

Katrina sees letters written to Jon from EH.

Rebecca -- Newcomer Nuisances

Rebecca doesn't like Olivia, who has set eyes on her man, James Newberry.

Alexandra -- Visiting

Alex tells Imara of her stalker. Alex goes to Eliza to show her the letter that is to be delivered to Jon.

Alex bumps into the man she danced with at the party, Angel Hurst. Alex asks Imara to find out everything she can on Mr. Angel Hurst.


The End

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