Masquerade Supplemental

A place for Masquerade writers to plop down their ideas and check up on what has been written.

This is a supplement to the following story: 

I love the story Masquerade. The plot line is wonderful. It is to the point, simple, straight forward ... however you want to describe it. And, the subplots are not overwhelming. They fit with the main plot. 


I would love for Masquerade to continue, for the plot to be expanded yet kept straight forward. As each author introduces new detail into each of their chapters, the story may have the tendency to become too complicated, as if we aren't writing the same story anymore.


I've seen this happen with other collaborations on Protag. Silly or even stupid details are introduced that don't match up with the main plot. Subplots take over, and authors seem to forget what the main story was suppose to be about. Details are added that other authors don't understand and thus ignore, the story no longer making sense. Too many authors that aren't able to keep track of what everyone else is doing with the story. Whew!


I have created this Collab to combat those tendencies.This is a supplement to the story Masquerade. Think of it as an expanded Author's Guidance, one that we can all contribute to. So, we can keep track of the plot details, character details, suggestions for future story curves, etc ...


I'm not talking about using this as a discussion topic, for we can do that in the forums and/or comments like we have done in the past. No, I am thinking more like a WIKI or Encyclopedia about Masquerade. 


For example, we can have one official plot chapter. When the plot is expanded, we can alter the Plot chapter instead of creating a new one. When you need to review a certain detail about the story, you can look it up in this Collab.


If you want to add one or more chapters, describing your ideas for the plot (and/or characters) - what has been written and/or what is yet to be written - you can do that as well. It will give the rest of us something to review if we get writer's block. 


If you aren't sure of how to use this Collab, please ask questions.

The End

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