Hey, kiddos.

Well, I'm new here, and probably already doing this wrong. I'm Brendan! I was told that this is place in which writers, authors, roleplayers, and the like can come together and collaborate on some works. So, here is mine. Thanks a bunch.


Now I know you probably don’t want to hear my life story, and I can talk for a year without stopping, so I’ll spare you any details.

I have a world. Its pretty well thought out too. Magic, custom races, cultures, languages, the works.

I should probably preface by telling you that this is a fantasy (I.E. Pirates, magic, wizards, knights, horses, dragons, ect.) so if that isn’t your cup of tea, sorry!

Its mainly just a hobby, but recently I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t go through this alone. Its way too much work for someone like myself.

This is way too much to ask, I know, but if you’re free, bored, and looking to join a small group of writers I hope this spawns, I’d love to have you aboard. I’m really not all that picky, and my world has quite a few holes in it waiting to be filled with your own ideas. Nothing is out of the realm. As the title says, this is most certainly a work in progress. Most everything (within reason) is subject to change. So if you have a huge prexisting world, and you wouldn't mind giving me some of your ideas, I'll be more than happy to take them in.

Now you may be wondering to yourself, what is the purpose of this?

Well, as stated above, its my hobby. Or at least, it started out as my hobby. And now its doing an excellent job of taking over my life. I've fallen in love with this world of mine (as horribly narcissistic as I'm sure that sounds) , and I'd love to give people the same feeling.

If this gets to the magnitude that I hope it will, I'd be more than happy to let anyone, anywhere write stories in/about this world. Its kind of my aspiration to make this a large, impressive, and easy to learn world that any writer can take up.

If you want to join, first off, thank you so much. All of your future help is priceless to me and I appreciate you taking the time to help a lonely scrub like myself.

Secondly, if you ever need to contact me, you can message me either on my Skype, or on my account.

Thank you so much!



The End

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