Makeshift Wings

I've bent my body around the horizon,
I've never felt you near me,
Just around me in the concave measures,
Let me know that you are different,
That you can love me still,
That the world can change,
Until that day, we have a lot of time to wait.
We're under the same umbrella,
Drowning in the same boat,
Don't be so prejudice to all the things I said,
Just because love isn't my feeling,
It doesn't mean it isn't golden.
If you could see my hands,
They all bled in red,
I know I am guilty,
I know I am.
Let me know that you are difference,
That the world can love me still,
That this is just a dream,
I think the bottom line
is that inside I might be dead,
I need to burn up the old poetry,
Oh, I find no difference,
I still feel no love,
I am just as dead
Even when you take my hands,
No I can't betray myself,
To your ignorance,
I'm afraid your losing
The only things we ever had.

Brightly, those bridges are burning,
Brightly, my mind is turning...
The End

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