24/01/2012 - 11.51pm

So with 9 minutes to spare I quickly abandon my drama essay which I am finding difficult to write due to laziness, I rush on here to add my chapter for the day. Well, headaches and a bit of a mood swing to fill my day. 

I wish I had more to tell, but unfortunately, I don't :/ Uni is long, as always, the epic journey to and from is also long. Although, the highlight of my day was definitely being surrounded by the largest group of people who all smelled horrendous; seriously, showering is not illegal guys; and trying to cover it with deodorant just doesn't make the cut unfortunately. 

So that is all for today really. I guess I will be getting back to my evening full of an essay waiting to be written and a coffee waiting to be drunk.

Till next time, x

The End

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