The Knightress in Shining ArmourMature

It took a lot to take all this on, but she did.

My love came into my life as a young girl, asking for help.  I remember sitting there as my time grew short and then agreeing to help her out.  I had had the time set.  When the plays were over and all my obligations were through, I was allowed to die.  That was what I told myself.  It was then I'd be allowed to stop it all.

But then it didn't happen.

When she came into my life, I became invested in helping her.  After my alloted time was up, I realized not all my obligations were over.  I was helping her.  I couldn't just leave her especially in the fashion I chose to leave in. 

I also didn't want to leave.  I had become interested in her.  She helped me heal as well.  I grew to love her in a way past a friend.  When we bonded, she found a way to make it stop, and now, I don't want to say goodbye.  I'd rather say hello again.

The End

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