Why Do They Hate Me?Mature

School was another hell to endure.

I remember having the occasional friend in my early years of school.  I wasn't by any means popular but that didn't phase me too much.  Things didn't get bad until toward my mid to latter childhood.

Grade three was my final year at one school before changing to another.  My Nana was getting sicker so my mother decided to move back to where we lived when I was little and go back to the same school I went to kintergarten to.  My original thought was that I'd just intergrate back and remake my old friends.

Naturally that wasn't what happened.

For the first bit, I was treated like a usual newbie and made a few friends at first but not long after they realized I wouldn't conform to their ways and was my own person did they banish me.  It began with silent treatments which later grew to insults, to jeers and later to public mockeries.  They hurt at first but I soon learned to grow a tough hide against it.  It wasn't something I couldn't handle, I used to tell myself.

Eventually it grew harder and harder.  I was able to keep one friend but even her loyalites were changing.  The jeers were getting nastier and now with the approach of puberty, the boys were getting nastier too.

When I was twelve, I had adopted a tradition of reading during my recess breaks.  No one was willing to associate with me so books became my only solace from the world.  One day, I was reading when the girl who said I was my friend came over and began to bug me.  She pestered me for her attention until I told her to beat it.  She didn't take the hint so I gave her a small push to keep her at bay.  Immediately she grew offended and went trotting to the group of boys in our grade for support.  I rolled my eyes at her acquired superficiality and returned to my novel.

I wasn't attached to it for very long before the crowd of boys came over and cornered me on the rock I was sitting on.  I looked up with an uninterested gaze until I saw the grins on their faces.  The one stepped forward, holding his buddy and laughed an obsene slur to me.  He threw the boy onto me and they all laughed, closing in on the fun.  While I sat shocked with another being on top of me, I felt his hands grab my waist and his weight crushing me flat on the rock.  I could feel them toy with my shirt's hem and the boy's weight adjust from being over me, to sitting in my lap, ruffling my skirt as he did so.  Luckily, I managed to shove him off and break out of the horde and make it to safety before things grew worse.

I tried asking for help from the school's admin but they did nothing.  A mere slap on the wrist for him and a warning for me, because I gave my 'friend' a shove.  I decided enough was enough and left that school for another one.  I received a similar treatment there to a lesser degree but I didn't care anymore.  It wasn't worth the time.

The End

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