Magic Wand the Script

*PLEASE READ THIS*: Right now, I've got so much ideas in my head that I really need to choose one for the next chapters of Lei : The Unexpected School. I expect the work to end at seven or eight chapters. However, I also plan this series to separate into many different works. So you can still countinue to read the story about "the girl with the wine coloured hair". Anyway, this is a fan script based on a fanart by my brother called "Magic wand", set in the Mega Man Zero series. I hope you enjoy

(The fanart is based on a scene when Ciel is captured by a Golem. Zero tried defeating it with "his buster", but didn't work. Just when he was about to lose his hope, then...)

A ball of light appears.

Ball of light:-Zero!. Use... Wait. What am I talking about? (I shouldn't be giving him the sabre first.)
 Hey, you okay, old partner?

Zero looks up to the ball of light, but responds differently:


Ball of light:-Oh you...Still the same as you are, eh? Anyways, before I give you this weapon I'm holding, let's...make a deal. I'll give you a wish. And once you've made your wish, only then I will give you this sa..weapon!

Zero:-No! I don't know why, but I feel like saving this girl is some thing I must do...

Ciel (getting crushed):-AHH!

Zero:-So can I have the weapon?Now?

Ball of light:-No way, Jose! Choose now, or die!

Zero:-...Fine! I wish for this Golem disappears!

Ball of light:-Nya! I thought you wish for the "lava lamp headed man" to die. But y'know...I can't go against your will so...

(The ball of light waves its magic wand, gives Zero the sabre, and leaves).

The End

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