The Hall of Two Truths

The Hall of Two Truths had many names. 

  • The Hall of Two Truths
  • The Hall of Ma'at
  • The Hall of Double Truth
  • The Hall of Double Ma'at
  • The Hall of Judgement

In Egyptian belief the heart was the centre of the soul, and needed to be judged before a person was allowed to pass on. This judgement happened in the Hall of Two Truths. The deceased's heart would be weighed against Ma'at's single feather with Ma'at herself acting as the fulcrum.

If a person's heart was weighed down by the evil they committed while they were alive, Ammit the "Devourer of the Dead", would eat their heart and they would be forever doomed to Duat: The Egyptian Underworld. If their heart stayed in balance with the feather, they were considered good and pure and were sent on to Aaru, the Egyptian heaven, to be watched over by Osiris.

There is some speculation as to which other gods were present during the weighing of the souls. While Ammit is constantly present, some depictions show Anubis as an overseer while others show that Anubis simply brought the souls to Osiris to be weighed. It is also common to see Thoth, the moon god who invented language, present so that he could record the results.

The End

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