Ok so, if you have read my profile you will see i am a musician, and if you haven't then now you know. So, yeah, I'm a musician and I sing in a band called Bellus Adulescentia and we write our own songs so here they are

Lyrics-a-gogo! I like to write songs rather than poetry because I find myself unable to stop the tune from going with the words and music really is my life.  I think you will find that quite a few of them are kind of crap because I wrote them when I was like 11 so yeah, some things have worked and some things haven't and I think you will find the newer ones re quite a lot better than the old ones... I mean, take 'The Toast Song' for example, I wrote it in year 7 and then compare it to 'Undone', which is possibly one of the best I have written... I don't know, it's up to you, you may rate me on how awful they are but also on my utter braveness for actually putting them on the internet...

The End

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