this is similiar to Soul Cleanse, but this one sounded a little better to my ears.

I sit alone in the persisitent sunlight on society. even the air around me screams of a lonely soul, a C-Sharp music note in a piece only for the timbre of an E-Flat. My Mind has been permitted to stagnate in the Ash-Filled pit of it's own implosion. and although my heart may beat, it is a terribly hollow and haunting sound for the muses to play me to sleep. yet, due to some flawed reason, the hope for someone and mend my fragmented soul still resides even if only as particles alone.

Where is my everlasting starlight? my Alchemic Catalyst? my spark to light the fuel and turn the 3rd degree burn of lonliness into a painfully pleasant smolder.

Am i doomed to fade away in the absence of my personal lighthouse until not a single ray of Soul-Silver Luminescence remains to claim my abyssal vision? neither history nor the silence that echoes these labyrinthine halls speaks an answer. and that kidnapped sense of what will be, is what makes me sing my crying heart to sleep every night in the hope that it won't wake up and start to sob again.

guess I'll never get my wish...

The End

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