Lullaby Challenge 3

I challenge you to put me to sleep


The Starfish Ballet


Come, come with me

Don’t be scared it doesn’t cost much to be free

We will climb out the window and slide down the vines

Dearest, break free from these mind confines!

Run, run until grass turns to sand

And together we will be hand and hand

All we have is the ocean and the night

So close your eyes and use your other sight

Because I’m taking you to the starfish ballet


We will swim deeper than you’ve ever swam before

I know you can’t wait to see what’s in store

Just believe what you see

I’ll show you glamour and romance under the high sea

Look,look were almost there

Stars under the sea aren’t rare

But I’ll show you the biggest and brightest of them all


Here’s a sand dollar it’s all we need

An octopus will take the lead

He’ll show us to our seats

And a silver fish will sell us treats

Only the finest salt water taffy will do


Beautiful music fills the room

A starfish princess dances out in the most beautiful costume

She dances like the waves

And she hopes her heart will behave

But we all know it just won’t


The thief star dances in

He flashes a know it all grin

And we all yell out, star fish princess run, run, run

Too soon he will become the only one…

The starfish king gives the princess a serious frown

Will the Princess chose love over a shiny crown?


I know true love will prevail

It’ll move like a snail

But in the end they’ll be a kiss

Nothing to long for, nothing to miss

The banners fly and bells ring out

But I never had a doubt


The shows over too soon

And the sun chases away the moon

It’s time to wake up

Mama will bring you a juice cup

And I’ll be far far from here

But I’ll be seeing you my dear

I will always wait for you at the starfish ballet

The End

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