lugubrious songs of lost loveMature

“Wait” he said, as I stared listlessly out the front window of the business I now called my workplace. “Patience is the key to many things, including love. If you want her your going to have to do so on her terms.” “Well its something I don’t have.” One of my character foils I suppose. It isn’t often that I fall for something like this; my heart doesn’t desire the mind games that love has. It churns like any others, but the attachment, the withdrawal, the sacrifice; it just takes too much.
I check the little clock on my computer, one of the only things that isn’t regulated by the goddamn system that’s in place. It reads: 11:17. Less than an hour until closing. I can sure as fuck guarantee that some body will come walking in though, at closing, wanting a vehicle.
“Is there anything you can do, I really need a ride for the weekend?” Smile, shrug, place that empathetic grin on your mug, “ I’m truly sorry sir/miss (or both?) but we don’t’ have anymore vehicles available but if you want I can give you the number to one of our other locations, however they are only open till 12 as well.”
They leave, empty handed. I sit, open hearted. I empathize with a lot of the individuals that come in. They aren’t just customers, but drivers. Their vehicles are misplaced for many different reasons and, like any object owned, they feel empty without them. Without a vehicle they lose there normalcy. “Well how am I supposed to get to work/school/home/my mistress’s house?” Life revolves around routine, and a drivers’ routine revolves around how they get to where they need to be. That is where I come in. I rent vehicles. I restore normalcy. Homeostasis achieved.

The End

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