I have no clue what I did end up doing for the last one, however I have worked out today! :3


I did almost half an hour doing the 'intense' 'workout' on Just Dance 2 (SPONSOR)
And just under fourty minutes on Wii Fit (SPONSOR) plus the body test thingy (which does say your weight but not clearly. It did say that I am an ideal weight, but the top of the 'ideal' weight... meaning I'm close to being obese.
Oh the joy of being disgusting to oneself.)
And then lastly but not least, a little over half an hour of pretty continual dance-related stuff on My Fitness Coach Dance Work Out (SPONSOR).

I would do more exercise but I have a feeling I would fall asleep mid-action and hurt myself x3 

No breakfast
Half a ham sandwich - white bread for lunch
A bowl of stew for dinner
I've also had a handful of jelly beans for energy after all that exercise! x3

And drinks-wise I've had a few glasses of water (need more though), a chai latte this morning from our new coffee machine and a caramelatte(?) earlier from it too :3

I'm feeling ugly and fat today.
Blaming hormones. I'm a teenager, that explains everything.
And kind of sad.
Exercise, however, is making me happier.
As did Jake ♥ 

The End

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