Did about an hour/hour and a half of things today..

No P.E. on Thursdays.
50 press-ups
50 sit-ups (Not really because I couldn't.. more just because I have homework and these were the last two things I happened to be doing and although I want to get a nice flat stomach, it'll be no use to me if my teachers murder me..)
100 'leg lifts' (I say this because that's purely my name for them, I don't know if that's what they're called or not..) per leg because apparently after two days of small doses and going up and down the tower block at school a few times, my legs do not work as well and they hurt ever so slightly.. -.-
30mins to an hour on Wii Fitness Coach (not Wii Fit) Dance Workout which was rather fun.. I was sweating bloody buckets by the end of it xD

No breakfast
No lunch (which was not my fault.)
Some pasta microwave meal, a tin of orange-like fruit segments and a packet of crisps for dinner.
Mm, and I just had a Ryvita with good-for-you-cheese-spread which I've forgotten the name of..
I haven't had anything to drink all day.. O.o the f*ck?

Well. I'm going to go find something to drink.. and then to do homework.

(I am not allowed to read my notifications until... I've gone over my physics homework and... done a little geography revision. I'd say do some art work but.. art is my weekend subject so I'll do it then (:
I think that is fair.) 

The End

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