An hour later.

No P.E at school today due to depressing talk on A Levels..
100 press-ups
100 sit-ups
967 leg lifts on my left leg at which point I got a massive cramp and ended up curled up trying to massage my leg without yelping hysterically.
900 leg lifts on my right leg because I gave up due to the cramp in my left leg.

-sidenote, the leg lifts are seriously easy and don't really start hurting - at all - until about the 500th. It's particularly unimpressive that I only managed 100 per leg yesterday.-

No breakfast
No lunch
A bowl of the beautiful home-cooked stew for dinner.
And to ruin it all, two bars of chocolate and a sugary coffee. But what's life without a bit of sugar?
I  haven't had anything to drink but the coffee so I'm off for some water ^.^ 

I still have a cramp.

The End

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