Lucy Getting Fit.Mature

First chapter explains itself really hehe.
And I say mature content in case I go on some manic swearing rampage for some reason... who knows with me?

Of course, I do not expect anyone to read this and (if anyone does) to start watching or paying attention to this.

But I want to lose some weight and, if not, then at least some of the flab around my stomach and legs (if the legs are even possible...) so therefore, here I am, writing it out on protagonize.

As much as I fear I will end up just deleting this altogether because I never stick with trying to get fit, I am writing it on here because I do not want to forget/ignore it.

I go on protagonize a great deal and frankly I think it is the best place for something like this - for me - because it has become a massive part of my life and I go on here more than daily. Thus I will remember (I hope) to keep doing random fitness things on a day-to-day basis.

The End

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