Love's suicidal divideMature

I may offend you, and make you want to cry. I'll probably make you take your life, and never question why. But you will always yearn for me, needing more. Begging me to make it stop, begging like a whore.

Pitiful you are, as I look down to your praying stance. You brought yourself here, you never had a chance. I feed upon your weakness and exploit your flaws. I have no rules, bound by no laws.

Inhumane perhaps, emotionless withut doubt. Try that on for size, then find a way out. You can't and never will. I'm that last puff, just one more pill.

Oh I let you down today, surely not an accident. Your thought I cared, this is permanent. Come now, do what you best. Just another hit, then pass along the pipe. Happy now? Was I right?

Try to fight me, try with all your might. I own you now, deep into the night. You can struggles, plot and try to fight. But you will still be begging me, and that's alright.

Cause truth be told I needed that, a reason to coexist. Ironically your were my love as I was your death. And I did, I took your last breath.


The End

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