In a garden,
Full of flowers.
A maze of hedges,
A couple was walking
and talking.
Without words or a sound,
All they need was a look
to each other,
And they knew
It was meant to be,
So you see-

True love,
is hard to find,
From the Best of friends,
To the greatest of lovers.
You don’t see that too often.
Isn’t that a shame,
Who is to blame?
But this couple is everything,
and more.

Time flashed by,
As they lost track of it.
It was getting quite dark,
They were in the park.
Slightly chilly it was,
She smiled gently because,
He gave her his coat,
Like a gentlemen would do,
And she knew,


Then it started to rain,
As they ran for the car.
They decided to stop,
They took their time,
It was close to nine.
They wanted to spend every moment,
When they reached the car,
They guy opened her door,
And looked in her wet face,
And thought-


So this is just perfect,
They love each other,
Like they should.
Its a modern fairytale,
And it entails,
Love, joy and peace,
Laughing, dreaming and feasting. (lol)
So take your time,
When you find the love of your life.
Make the most of it,
Don’t make a fit,
Don’t argue.
If you love him or her,
Your heart will just soar,
When you think and see-

Chorus 2:
That this is true love,
Its usually hard to find,
Your my best friend,
To my only love.
You don’t see that too often.
It isn’t a shame,
That I found my flame.
Its you,
And yo-our everything and more.

The End

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