The Game of Hearts

*Dedicated to someone who 'apparently' waits for the next chapter



Sometimes there are no words,

Sometimes there are no expressions;

It's difficult to tell you how I feel,

It's tough to make any impressions.


I feel so blocked up inside,

The emotions seem to have dried;

It's been so long since I saw you,

I can't recall your face; I've tried.


You come and go as you please,

You're your own master;

It's my head that is messed up,

It's all becoming a disaster.


Your affection and your niceties,

The warmth and the glorious smiles;

Your hollow words and compliments,

They have misguided me for miles.


I believed everything you ever said,

I now realize my mistake;

I was too gullible and naive, I know,

But now my heart is at stake.


I don't know if your words were true,

Or if it was some game;

I still recall every breath you took,

For me, nothing is now the same.


I've lost my heart; I've lost my mind,

I've begun to lose my sanity;

I don't know if it was meant to be,

But I still hold hope, in my vanity.


You can't live without me, I know,

Even though you put up a brave face;

You love me more than you are willing to accept,

You're scared, of the intensity and the pace.


I assure you that I'll be waiting,

I want you to know this fact;

Until you are ready to accept me as yours,

I will keep putting up this act.


This act of not caring enough,

This act of not being bothered;

I've been playing this role for a while now,

It's just so you don't feel smothered.


My love for you is endless and pure,

Even though it may appear to be fake;

I want us to play this game of hearts,

It's a risk I'm willing to take.


If I lose, I lose it all,

I'm not in a better position even now;

But if I win, and I pray that I do,

You'll win with me, and that's a vow.


Please be willing to bet on me,

Even though the stakes may appear high;

It's a risk worth taking, I assure you,

And the negatives are nigh.


The glorious highs of love beckon,

The lows are far behind;

Please love me back and show it too,

For, my love now I cannot rescind.

The End

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