I Miss You...

Every moment spent without you is a pain,

Every breath taken without you a chore;

The scent of you drives me insane,

And the memory of us seems more like lore.


The way I have been waiting for you,

I have waited for no other;

The seconds, the minutes, the hours tick by,

The days meld into one another.


I have waited for your reply,

I have hoped for a sign from you;

It’s seldom that I’m so unsure,

But I guess love does that to you.


What’s kept you away for so long, I wonder,

Was it me, or you, or was it us;

Wasn’t it ever meant to happen, I brood,

I ask, I ponder, and I cuss.


Everything was just dream-like,

So pristine and pure, yet unsaid;

I felt we had finally gotten it right,

But indeed, it was all in my head.


Every day I rue your absence,

Each night I cry myself to bed;

Every memory torments me endlessly,

And my eyes and heart bleed red.


If only you would come back,

If only I could see you again;

Everything would finally fall into place,

And, I hope, someday, dull the pain.





The End

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