New Beginnings...

After the endless, moonless nights,

And the lonesome, desolate sights;

Beyond the gloom and doom of the horizon,

And the blandness of all delights.

After all the turmoil and the sorrow,

The pain and the unwelcome morrow;

I see a new Sun, feel a new breeze,

I hear the chirping of a sparrow.

My Sun has braved the dark clouds,

And the murkiness of the skies;

He has come to my rescue,

He has listened to my cries.

His presence has fortified me,

It has given me renewed strength;

His love has made me a new woman,

Something that I'll never forget.

The only plea that echoes now,

The blessing I pray everyday for;

The wish I wish from every God,

Is that this love should evermore grow.

The pain of the ceaseless longing,

The angst and the silent tears;

I pray for them to be a thing of the past,

I pray for rest from my fears.

The End

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