I’m standing here, right where you left me;

I’m standing here, and here is where I’ll be.

I’m standing here, come rain or shine;

I’m standing here, until you say, “You’re mine”.


It’s been so long since I’ve heard your voice;

Time’s dragged by since you made that choice.

A choice that’s made us distant, that has thrown us apart;

I wish for things to go back, or for a fresh start.


It’s been so difficult, a week feels like years;

Time doesn’t stop for me, and neither do my tears.

I look for you on the sidewalk, I look for you in my dreams;

But nothing’s going to bring you back, not even my loudest screams.


If only you’d come back, even if it were for a day;

I’d happily live and die for you, my heart I’d give up for you to play.

You may carry it like a jewel or throw it around without care;

But you’ll always be with me, in every dream and nightmare.







The End

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