Love with no quill pen

I like it, I give it five stars


Love, with no Quill pen

How do I cherish a text message?

You just can’t compete with the man in my head

Please tell me you’re a vampire

I could love you if you were a vampire


I want to love you, out of necessity

Nothing more

I want it all!

And it makes me desperate, knowing time is finite

But I can’t make it work

There’s no sizzle

No romance to crumble


I don’t want live in your basement

I want to stand on a terrace

With a billowing night gown

I want someone who knows what it all means!


I don’t want what’s rational!

Need is such a useless word

I don’t need money or the security you think it might provide

I don’t want to spend my life in convention

Counting milestones like years

Fading just as fast

The End

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