Love Letter

Just a letter i wrote for my sweet bunny

Dear Bunny

I know we see each other everyday almost. I know I say "I love you so much" But i feel like that’s not good enough. I want to show you how I truly feel, but that’s imposable. You mean more to me then each breath I take, more then each beat my heart beats. More then words can possibly explain.

I look up at the moon every night and sigh happily knowing you’re looking up at the same moon. Then I go to bed and sigh sadly because the bed is so lonely without you there beside me. No one to hold me when I have nightmares, no one to go”shh it’s alright baby" I cuddle my pillow just to feel like someone’s there.

Bunny what would I ever do without you. I’m glad I finally let my heart take over and say yes to you. Two and half years are to long for a heart to bleed for someone. Now your mine and I’m yours. I love you more then words can explain.


Love always


The End

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