Love is a pain- Till it's discarded.


There they stood, facing each other. Both after one thing- Yet different things it was they wanted.

The simple minded wanted the one thing from the girl, but she wanted so much more than that.

He had her heart pierced in barbed wire- The more she tugged herself away, the more it ripped at her heart.

How much more could she take till it was torn apart? She knew either way- Falling to him or turning away would cause the same pain.

Was it only her who holds these feelings and would become his tool? She hoped not.

Would he ever love her, like she loved him? She knew that he would not.

Raising her face to stare at the one who held her heart either way- She began to pierce further through the wire to him.

He smiled in triumpth- Thinking he had her finally where he wanted, only to become baffled as she gave him a sly smile.

Caressing his cheek for the last time, she walked backwards through the wire, only for her heart to be ripped through her chest.

Horror strucked- He stared at the heart that laid before where she once stood.

The smile faded upon her face as her senses became frozen- She no longer felt pain, thanks to getting rid of the two major obstacles that caused it.

Him, and her heart itself. She turned and walked off with the last words he will hear from her ringing through the air.

"You have the one thing I have ever gave to you. Feel free to do as you will with it, just like you did from the start"

The End

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