love at first loss

character 1: (starts to walk offstage) bye! talk to you later! 

 haracter 2: bye! talk to you tomorrow

character 1 :(waves goodbye and looks back)

character 2: I love you

character 1: (turns and leaves)

character 2 : (turns to audience) She doesn't say it back anymore, but I remember when she did, I remember those days when she told me that she loved me. (looks down with distain) but now those days are gone. 

(looks back over her shoulder and back again)

maybe my words were swept away by the wind, or maybe the wind swept away their purpose. In any case, they don't reach her, not like they used to. 

(sits down no edge of stage) 

what I wouldn't give to have her say it back, to have her tell me that she loves me too, but like the winds, her love only swept past me for an instant, changing everything (beat) yet in an instant it is gone as if nothing was ever there, only my memories of it remaining. 

(stands up and leaves)

The End

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