Love And the Dead Guy

three hours past since the

train left the station

your phone rings but the

only thing at home that's breathing

is your cat and the cactus

your forgot to water


the cat is kind of hungry

and by now you look kind of tasty

slumped over on the floor


his poor mind can't comprehend

your pathetic fate

and he wonders if the

soy milk in the fridge is any good


the phone keeps ringing

and the machine keeps picking it up

its her, it's that voice

that always made you feel fine


but it's powers are no longer working

there's no way of denying

when you're far past being gone


she'll keep on calling

until three days have gone by

when they find your corpse

after the neighbors complained

of the smell


but it's okay now

she took your cat home

what she doesn't know is that he

ate your left arm


and the cactus is weeping your blood.

The End

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