Love Is A Weird Thing

Wanting to get the fairytale can lead to pain... but it is still worth it.

Love is a weird little thing. It can give you them most pleasure, but also the greatest pain. Yet, humans still look out for it in never ending chase for their own fairytale. It can be a beautiful destruction or pure, spiritual fulfillment. The problem is that you never know what it's going to be. 

See, with every single time you fall in love, you give a piece of yourself. Part of your dearest soul that you know, if something was to go wrong, you would never get back. But you dive straight in, fully knowing the risk. Because the fairytale is worth everything. Even the risk of pain. You put trust in another human being. 

I so far lost many pieces of my soul for that mystical happiness and joy. But... I don't regret a thing. Through trying to make the magic happen, I created the best memories of my life, memories that, even though painful now, are the best ones I have. 

The End

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