Lost to The Ardeur– A Examination of Laurell K Hamilton’s Anita Blake NovelsMature

A study on the popular Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series by Laurel K Hamilton, this work examines every novel in detail and tells you if it's worth your time.

Disclaimer: I claim no rights to any Anita Blake characters, plot or anything related to the novels or universe therein.  This is a study of the series.




            I suppose I need to tell you a bit about myself, and why, oh why, I am writing a full book length study of Anita Blake.  Well, this is a group of novels, which really started to gain my attention when I was about 20.  I’ve read every novel up to  book 18.  I am a man who has studied English all his life; I have two English degrees, one from a prestigious college in NY (which I will not name).


So why Anita Blake, and why such an serious study?  Well, all novels have issues.  As such, all writers have their great novels and others where fame and popularity seem to drive the series of a cliff.  I haven’t read these books in four to five years, and so in a way this is my attempt to close the door on a pretty bad area of my life.


Postmortem – How To Break Down a Twenty Three Book Series


There are twenty three books in the series.  As such I will be writing a page for every element of the novel I am talking about.  Mythology, setting, plot, characters, the sex count (in the later books) and my general feeling before and after reading the novel will be examined in detail.  It is so difficult to tell you why I disliked this series when I first read it without doing serious analysis of every one of these elements.


            Mythology – The books have their fair share of mythology involved.  For example, Bloody Bones, (Book Five) has the villain Rawhead and Bloody Bones which is a legend of the Boogyman.  All relevant mythology on every book will be examined


            Setting – While this will be simply where the novel takes place, after full analysis of every novel, I shall be writing a section entirely on the setting and how it effects the novel.


Plot – This is what happens in the novel.  I shall examine the plot for holes, problems and overall strength, as this is the major reason you read the novel.  Expect this section to be the largest.


Characters - A analysis of every character in the novel shall occur here.  Anita will get the major analysis, but I shall attempt to give you the most accurate and fair description of every character.  The progression of characters will be examined here in detail.


The Sex Count – In the later books, starting in book four and continuing with increasing frequency, sex is a massive plot point.  This section will count how many times a character has sex with another, or attempts to.  As the later books commence, this count will be extremely high. It will also analyze the effectiveness of the scenes with the plot of the novel, to show if indeed the sexual activity is needed or not.


Initial and Immediate Thoughts After Reading – This will be my initial thoughts before reading the novel, and if I have read the book, what I remember thinking about my first reading of it.   After reading the book I will tell you if I liked it or not and if I would if I stopped reading the book, “carry the character with me”.  In a sense, would I remember Anita Blake if I did not continue the series

Is the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series just a sex romp, or is there something more here?  That’s the essence of this work, to tell you, the reader and potential fan, if the books are more than just erotic fiction.


With that, I end this introduction and hope that you, the reader enjoy this in depth analysis of the books. 

The End

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