The escapeMature

As Mr Sween (swine) sprinted down the halls he herd a loud siren noise and a voice "BREACH IN SECTOR 9G AUTO LOCKDOWN ACTIVATED" As he ran and went round a coner he saw the big steel vault door shuting he sprinted as fast as he could by now he was halfway down the corridoor and the vault door was allmost closed there was only a ting gap as he got there there was only anoth room for a small mouse to get thru he was traped. After about an hour he started to get destresed and tryed to claw his way thru the door he manidged to make a tiny dent when sudenly the siren started again. "VAULT 9G DOOR DAMIGED SELF DESTRUCT ACTIVATED HAVE A NICE DAY" A panle on the wall started to count down from 60 that was it he knew he was done for.


he could only hear the countdown as he awaited his death when he saw the door begining to go red the room began to get vary hot."20...19...18...17" Sudenly the door exploaded from its hindges and was sent flying down the hall a hand apeared from the cloud of smoke left behind after the door exploaded "Come with me"  it said. because the room was dark he couldnt make out who this was but he soon grabed the hand and was pulled into the next room where there were about 5 or 6 people standing in the middle in a curcle swine was pushed into the middle as the strange man joined the curcle. "7...6...5..4..." a flash of light apeared and Boom the the building exploaded but swine wasnt in the building he was somewhere else he was in the middle of a forist he looked up to see a huge tower "HOLY SHIT"

The End

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