~~lost souls~~Mature

A story of the after life

It was a normal day at the oil refinary the flow was perfect. "Hey Mark did you run the tank cycle proses? i cant open the valve til you do"

"Yeh im doing it now"

The machine makes a funny noise.

"Hey sounds like theres something blocking the system"

"Ok opening the valve"

"Wait no its not ready"

CH CH CH The machine splurted out oil and what apeared to be a bag of rags.

"So what are you waiting for open it"

"Why me Mark?"

"Because i didnt say to open it yet"


He tore open the bag with his screwdriver but what fell out left them in shock.


"MARK shut up do you realise what that is? have some respect"

They both look dorn to gaze upon the mangled corpse.

The End

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