lost little girl

a girl who just got lost on the way

she  doesnt know what to do  any more. she just sits there and watchers her go life pass by.     she lost her will to live and her good looks have faded away.  she has lost all her friends  and already had all the lads.  she had it all now its one  she was so mean she was cool  at school   she liked a laugh  she liked a a drink  but it didnt mean anything in the ends she made peoples lifes a living hell   now she is living in the hell she made. all the guys  wanted a fling  but that was it  she had her fun that was that   now the guys pay her by the night    was she just a slag or did she just want to be loved.  she lives in a dark cold flat all alone but most the time her home the the streets or an old mans.  she wants it to stop she wants to die . she cant take it any more  her live is black and white   now the cops are round went in  her room she was on the bed.            

The End

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