Pack = Family

This is my entry for a fanfic contest in which I write about a world where one of my favorite characters--in this case, Stiles Stilinski from the show Teen Wolf--doesn't exist. I picked him specifically because of the pivotal impact he plays in the show and the upcoming last season where it has been rumored that he might die. Shall we see a world without Stiles Stilinski?
*I also tried to write it as if it was a Teen Wolf episode.


The story itself is over 3,000 words and I'd rather not break it up into parts. Also, Wattpad--where I published the story--is my primary site for my work. I would really appreciate it, if you have the time and would be willing to put in the effort, if you would head there and read my story. Please? The link's below and the judging is underway. Wish me luck!

Thanks so much for all the support! I'm really enjoying myself here!

The End

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