Things Left UnseenMature

SCENE FIVE: Things Left Unseen

Enter CLARISSA, walking slowly, deep in thought. She sits, legs crossed and staring into the stars. Enter SALLY, MATHEUS at a run, SALLY is giggling. SALLY enters the house.

SALLY: See silly, I told you no one was home.

MATHEUS: I guess you were right.

SALLY: Aren't I always? She kisses him

MATHEUS: I guess so.

You know, if no one is going to be here all night, why don't we just stay here?

SALLY: Well, daddy is going to be home soon enough.

MATHEUS: Quick then?

They exit.

CLARISSA rises, stirding over to the house slowly, seeing a light in her bedroom window.

CLARISSA: Maybe I just left my light on when I left this morning...

She enters the house.

CLARISSA: You dirty little whore! What the hell do you think you two are doing?

SALLY (offstage): What does it look like we're doing?

MATHEUS (offstage): What does it sound like we're doing?


CLARISSA is in near tears, she clambers over to a small wooden box in the living room, which contains a gun.

CLARISSA: I fucking hate you.

She holds the gun up to the two, then turns it to herself, eyes rolling back in her head. She cocks it, then throws it to the floor, causing a loud shot before running out of the house.

SALLY: Shit! She runs after her shortly followed by MATHEUS

The End

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