A Grave MistakeMature

SCENE FOUR: A Grave Mistake

A bell sounds, enter CLARISSA

CLARISSA: I can't believe he failed me. For cheating. I don't cheat.

Enter ELIJAH, running after her

ELIJAH: How'd you do on the English essay

CLARISSA glares at the boy for a moment before holding up her paper

CLARISSA: I've never had a zero before... What did you get?

ELIJAH: Uhm...nothing... A seventy.

CLARISSA: Lemme see! She snatches the paper out of his hand and proceeds to read the title.

“The Effects of Divorce on You Child's Life” That's my essay topic. Elijah?!

ELIJAH: I... I just borrowed some points...

CLARISSA: I hate you. This essay is a part of our ISU. I got a fucking zero!

ELIJAH: I'm...sorry?

CLARISSA: Know what, fuck you. I'm going home.

Exit CLARISSA, ELIJAH runs after her. Enter SALLY, MATHEUS.

SALLY: Clementine is nowhere in sight, thank goodness.

MATHEUS: So, do you want to hit up a party or two?

SALLY: Sure, but if we're going to...you know... do anything, I'm going to have to go home and grab my other bag first.

MATHEUS: Sure thing, Clem is out with the nerd anyways.


The End

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