Cruelty High SchoolMature

SCENE THREE: A Day at School


CLARISSA: Oh Mattie, why do you always have to be so busy?

MATHEUS: I don't know. I'm sorry girl.

ELIJAH: I'm not... busy

CLARISSA: Lijah, you're such a sweetheart.

They hug.

CLARISSA: I have to go hand in some overdue work, I'll see you guys at lunch.

Exit Clarissa. The boys stand awkwardly for a moment, enter SALLY.

SALLY: Ouu, is she gone yet?

MATHEUS: I think so

They proceed to hold hands, ELIJAH remains at an awkward stance

SALLY: Well! Get out of here if you don't appreciate love.


ELIJAH: What do you know about love?

Exit SALLY and MATHEUS, giddy, embracing.

The End

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