Bus Stop DiscussionsMature

SCENE TWO: Bus Stop Discussions

ENTER MATHEUS at a bus stop by the VALENTINE household.

MATHEUS (on the phone) : Yeah babe, I'll see you soon. Don't forget, today after school, my parents are o crap, I see you. Bye!

ENTER CLARISSA, closely followed by SALLY who is hanging up her cellphone.

CLARISSA: Matt! They hug

MATHEUS: Clementine! How's it going?

CLARISSA: Good, I'm glad we didn't miss the bus! I thought we were going to with Sally Slowpoke over there.


MATHEUS: Hello to you too, Sally.

The three stand awkwardly

CLARISSA: Mattie, do you want to go for a sundae after school?

MATHEUS: I...I can't I'm... playing video games with the guys... sorry doll.

SALLY smirks

CLARISSA: Oh, okay then.


The End

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