A Typical DayMature

SCENE ONE: A Typical Day at the Valentine House


CLARISSA: So, I guess you might say it was a day like any other...April 29th, 2004.

She joins the scene.

MONTGOMERY: Clementine, Sally, you're going to be late for school!

SALLY: Daddy! Have you seen my purse? I left it right by the door.

CLARISSA: Why do you need a backpack and a purse, that's so...unnecessary.

SALLY: Shut up! Just because you're not a girl doesn't mean I don't need to carry things in a purse.

CLARISSA: Come here and say that to my face, you little brat!

MONTGOMERY: Girls! Clementine, be a little nicer to your little sister...Sally, your bag is by the kitchen table.

SALLY: Thanks daddy!

CLARISSA (mockingly): Thanks daddy!

The scene flashes over to a bus stop.

The End

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