Lorie's Remembered (The Night After)

As I was in the shower just a few minutes ago,
I was overwhelmed by the thoughts of the happenings of yester-year.
Yes, one year ago, tonight, I was at your house.
I remember accompaning Blossom, along with K-Bugg, to a few stops we had to go.
I remember that I wanted to say something to Blossom,
yet I didn’t know what.
But, I still have that feeling of not knowing what to say.
I remember going to Ashley’s house to say Hi,
and Blossom crying,
My, did I feel completely helpless.
I know that Jehvovah, was and is just as sad as us.
Yes, one year ago we lost you, yet we gained more…
Friendships, saddness, Faith, hope, Love, a little bit of maturity…
Yet, I know most of us would give it all up,
Just to have you again.
Friends and Family remember you tonight,
So sleep tight, my dear, Cuz you’ll have work to do when you wake up.

The End

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