Lorie's Remembered (Tonight is the Night)

Today I thought of U constantly,
almost more than I usually do.
I said a prayer to Jehovah above,
That your family was kept safe.
Tonight I shall remember all the fun that we had,
and the day that I met U, originally.
I’ll remember when I finally knew that UR sister was my very best friend.
I remember the time when Alyssa P, U and me called her friend Michael, and both U and her spoke french to him.
I’ll remember The time when K-Bugg, Blah, U and me spit cherry seeds down UR street.
I’ll remember when we toilet-papered UR friends’ cars, with UR aunt, mom and sister… Oh I can’t forget my mom, for shes the one who inspired it. :P
I’ll remember the time when U got to meet all my other friends and family, Sarah, Josh, Josh, and Alyssa to name, at my parents anniversary party. U danced with Josh D. which was funny. :)
I’ll remember you’re gracefulness,
as you danced all around.
Even your shadow had grace.
Yes, just for right now,
Your the girl out of reach,
but soon I’ll be able to hugg U again.

The End

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