Lorie's Remembered (The Night Before)

Tonight was the night,
The last night to the date,
That one year ago I last saw your face.
I gave you that all familiar hug, and said:
‘I’ll see you soon, Lovey.’
Well, who would know that it would be longer than either of us thought,
Now it seems like a dream of so long ago.
We have shared so many good memories since then,
And a couple bad,
We have shed a few hundred tears for you,
And smiled a thousand times more.
It will seem a shorter period of time for you,
since you are just sleeping, my dear.
But it will soon be forgotten,
when in paradise we’ll see you again.
We may have died, and are being resurrected, just like you,
Or maybe we lived through, and are just waiting to see you.
In any case, shortly you’ll know how many people truelu love and care and cherish you.
And even though I cry myself to sleep tonight and the next,
I’ll always smile, even a tiny smile for you before I close my eyes.

The End

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